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Clever Leaves will export medicinal cannabis this year (2019) from Colombia

Clever Leaves (CL) executives are confident that they’ll have the company seal of approval on products leaving their Colombian facility this year.

Medicinal cannabis products with a Colombian stamp of approval will be seen, for the first time this year, lady for foreign markets.

This is one of the main goals of the Colombian firm Clever Leaves, whose main executives and co-founders assured the media that they seek to become the largest medicinal cannabis cultivation company in the world, in the next four or five years.

Andrés Fajardo, CEO and president of the firm, said: “We have a clear innovation approach in the participating in global supply chain. CL explained they use differentiated greenhouses, irrigation systems of the highest technology and have adapted aspects of different industries from around the world. All of the above allows us to be in the top 10 of companies in the world of this sector “.

The position in the local and international market has been achieved, according to managers, thanks to “we are a vertically integrated company, that is, we go from seed to patient. Occasionally, we have cultivation operations, which are in Sogamoso (5 hectares operating with crops in the ground), where the plants are already growing and with our expansion plan we seek to reach 15 by the middle of this year, “added the CEO of Clever Leaves.

This is part of the goals set by the company, which finally seeks to reach several international markets this year, leading, even to the end of 2019. The patients who are buying medicinal cannabis have access, for the first time, to national products .

The above will be achieved taking into account the Colombian regulatory framework, which will allow them, eventually, to open the doors of other countries. “Not only does Colombia have a good regulatory framework, we continue to work to adjust the problem areas between the cannabis growing companies and the Government. 

Our geographical point on the globe are more than optimal, and with that combo of factors we will guarantee that we will become one of the the largest companies in the world, “detailed one of the senior VP.

However, Julian Wilches, director of Corporate Affairs and Regulation (CRO) of the company, said that now what is necessary is for the business to increase its boom “it needs to create a healthy history”.

“This means that we all continue to work to show that it is possible, we are going to take advantage of this historic moment in the country. That is what follows because the development potential of this industry in Colombia is incredibly bright. “

He added that,  “nobody has exported cannabis to another country and we are learning every day to do it everyday; there’s cannabis regulation and that’s is great, but as we move forward we need to find flat terrain. Building our large seed registry with the ICA and all other regulatory agencies is important.


This battery of efforts and advances will allow Clever Leaves to export their products abroad. In fact, according to Gustavo Escobar, Chief Intelligent officer of Innovation (CIO) said, “the firm has always focused on integrated innovation issues through our network. It’s key for us to learn and adapt to the needs of the medical fields and research centers for guidance. If we do this, we can look to those formal studies for direction. We can help in change suffering patient with Colombian cannabis.” Among these are chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, cancer treatment, and epilepsy in children.

To achieve this, Clever Leaves is currently in the development phase of the implementation process, as allowed by Federal regulation, but 2019 will be key, as they will begin the first trials, this year the production of products to the market.

“We have an obsession for the patient and for this we have a medical research team and a medical board, and these mechanism allows us to make the products more effective and safer than ever,” concluded Fajardo.

source: Portafolio