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Change is happening faster than ever, and to stay ahead, you need to anticipate what’s next.

Every successful business starts with a clear vision. 
From marketplace assessment to SOP development.
Sound information creates a safer environment.
Latin American opportunities are waiting.
  We’re here for you.


* (AIDA) Awareness, Interest, Desire, & Action
* (STRM) Security Threat Risk Management        
            → Corporate, Personnel & Personal
* (DDD) Drug Distribution Data
* (CBA) Cost-Benefit Analysis
* (NPV) Net Present Value
* (CAC) Customer Acquisition Cost
* (CLTV) Customer Lifetime Value
* Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
* Advanced Threat Mitigation Solutions and Services
* Security Guidance Documentation and Media
* Protocol Tool Development & Metrics Delivery
* Prices & Market Access Availability Assessment
* Human Resources – Recruiting & Staffing
* Competitor Counter Intelligence

* (PF) ProForma Financial Modeling

* (KPI) Key Performance Indicator

* (EMRS) Executive Manager Report Services

* (FES) Facility Equipment Sourcing

* (NRDC) Non-Retail Distribution Channels
* (GRC) Governance, Risk and Compliance

* (PMLA) Pharmaceutical Market LatAm

* (SWOT) Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, & Threat
* Security Strategy and Transformation Consulting
* Identity and Access Management Assurance
* Data Transfer Protection and Protocols
* Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Research

* Organizational Mapping & Flow Chart System
* Development & Operational Cost Data Generation

* International Legal Counsel & Regulation Guidance

Clear Communication in a Bilingual Workspace

What we do:

Simply put, we connect people, companies, investors, and concepts across many LatAm countries, often connecting North American companies looking for LatAm connections, assets, information, and acquisitions.

Latin American representation often begins with creating investor portfolio packets for global market consumption –  preparing their asset, permissions, process, people, and potential for possible acquisition, partnering, and participation with global companies.

North American representation often begins with assessment of markets, people, change fluidity, risk, and opportunities. Some are looking for simple market penetration while others are interested in production participation (cost to market), and others are looking for both.

LatAm cannabis commerce connection consulting.

People make the difference.

2018 - Gross Domestic Product

Marijuana (Illegal) $20B
Tobacco Products $8B
Alcoholic Drinks $20B
Cos & Personal Care $7.5B
OTC Pharmaceuticals $1.5B
Pharmaceuticals $10.5B


Marijuana (Illegal) $5B
Tobacco Products $100B
Alcoholic Drinks $17.5B
Cos & Personal Care $7.5B
OTC Pharmaceuticals $2.6B
Pharmaceuticals $10B


Marijuana $20B
Tobacco Products $100B
Alcoholic Drinks $165B
Cos & Personal Care $80B
OTC Pharmaceuticals $24B
Pharmaceuticals $450B


Marijuana (Illegal) $10B
Tobacco Products $7.2B
Alcoholic Drinks $13.3B
Cos & Personal Care $7.5B
OTC Pharmaceuticals $1.5B
Pharmaceuticals $11.5B


2018 - Gross Domestic Product

Driven by passion, backed by research, science, and experience, we create strategies that move you forward.
Our job is taking complicated comprehensive regulatory information and designing business models that work.
120+ million people in Mexico and 40+ million annual visitors – Latin America (LatAm) 600+ million 
2018 LatAm GDP $5.6 trillion US dollars makes it the 4th largest economy in the world.
Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay are at the forefront of the marijuana legalization space. 
Information is power and emerging markets can make a difference to the bottom line.

Latin American Cannabis Market Data

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LatAm News Video

Aug 19, 2019 - RePolitico

Se Regulará El Mercado De Marihuana Medicinal En México

Jan 06, 2019 - Bloomberg

Mexico's Pursuit of implementing Legal Recreational Marijuana Use

Oct 31, 2018 - Democracy Now

Supreme Court (Mexico) Legalizes Cannabis for Recreational Use

Dec 04, 2018 -Democracy Now

Mexico’s President Takes Office with Ambitious Leftist Agenda

Jan 29, 2019 - News Live Now

Inside open-air greenhouse where marijuana is grown for doctors not dealers

Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Canada, and many states in the US have begun in this new legalized space.
Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, & Bolivia are analyzing different global models.
The entire region is moving forward designing systems that create needed tax revenues streams,
decriminalization processes, and historical human right issues are of equal importance.

LatAm business creates distinct challenges and even more so with the many pioneers in the cannabis space.
Mexico’s history crosses many decades in the illegal cannabis space along with Colombia, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.
Incredible countries for growing outdoor cannabis – high altitudes, sunlight, low humidity, and experienced farmers.
The commerce has been in the trillions, creating many billionaires and even more millionaires (Latin American).
Unfortunately, the wonderful progressive legalization changes are not being embraced by everyone, creating risk.
GRMexico is equipped for these challenges, those things that have never been considered should be now.
LatAm – 4th largest economy in the world has much to offer the newly forming cannabis conglomerates.

LatAm Threat Assessment Data

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Security Assessment Video


Latin America can be a dangerous place, especially in the cannabis space.
Mexico – 33,000 homicides (2018), 25.8 per 100k, highest since statistic started being kept.
Colombia – 12,500 homicides (2018). 25 per 100k, previously at 72 per 100k.
USA – 17,315 homicides (2018), 4.9 per 100k. Canada – 630 homicides (2018), 1.6 per 100k.

LatAm also leads the world in kidnappings, extortions, and gruesome murders with mobile international hit squads.
Common latino news includes cut up bodies in front of schools, hanging from overpasses, and beheadings.

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